Trademarks filed on May 15th, 2013



Providing services related to the exclusive operation of a top-level domain for others, namely, registration of domain name for identification of users on global data networks; domain name registration services for others on a global computer network; administering alternative dispute resolution services; domain name registry services, namely, coordinating the registration of domain names and blocking of domain names for identification of users and internet protocol addresses on the internet; providing an on line computer database in the field of domain name registration information, namely, featuring information relating to the identification of users on a global computer network; advisory services relating to domain names and trademarks, namely, providing a legal watch service whereby a trademark owner may determine when certain designated domain names are registered or registration is attempted; and computer services in the field of domain name reservation, registration, maintenance and management services, namely, hosting on-line interactive web facilities for others for administering a top-level domain name whereby domain name registrars may register domain names, reserve blocks of domain names for future registration, maintain registered domain names and allow for renewal of registered domain names, manage and block domain names by facilitating the transfer and renewal of domain names; all of the foregoing featuring the domain that appears in the mark.

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