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frozen entrees consisting primarily of pasta or rice; prepared entrees consisting primarily of pasta or rice; packaged entrees consisting primarily of pasta or rice; frozen meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice; prepared meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice; packaged meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice; alimentary pasta; alimentary paste for pastas and noodles; allspice; almond cake; almond paste; aniseed for use as a flavoring in food and drinks; annin tofu being an asian dessert; appalum and papadum; apple fritters; apple turnovers; arrowroot for use as a food thickener; artichoke sauce; asafetida; artificial coffee; artificial rice being uncooked; asian noodles; bagel chips; bagel holes; bagels; baguettes; bakery desserts; bakery goods; bakery products; bakery products, namely, sweet bakery goods; baking powder; baking powders; baking-powder; baking spices; banana fritters; bakery goods and dessert items, namely, cheesecakes for retail and wholesale distribution and consumption on or off the premises; barley flour for food; ayurvedic nutraceutical bars; ayurvedic nutraceutical snack foods; bars of sweet jellied bean paste; bases for bakery goods; bean jam buns; bean paste; bean-jam filled wafers; bean-starch noodles; beignets; beverages made of coffee; beverages with a chocolate base; beverages with a coffee base; bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes being baking soda; bialys; biryani seasoning paste; biscotti; biscuits; biscuits and bread; biscuits, tarts, cakes made with cereals; blinis; blintzes; boiled sweets; bonbons; bonbons made of sugar; bread; bread and buns; bread and pastry; bread bases; bread crumb; bread crumbs; bread doughs; bread flavored with spices; bread mixes; bread rolls; bread sticks; bread with soy bean; breadcrumbs; breadsticks; breakfast burritos; breakfast cereals; brine for cooking; brine for use in cocktails; brioches; brownie dough; brownie mixes; brownies; bruschetta-topped bread; bubble gum; buckwheat flour for food; buns; burritos; butter biscuits; buttercream fillings for cakes; buttercream icing; butterscotch chips; caffeine-free coffee; cake doughs; cake frosting; cake icing; cake mixes; cake mixes, namely, cake bases; cakes; cakes filled with chocolate; cakes filled with caramel; cakes filled with pudding; cakes of sugar-bounded millet or popped rice being okoshi; candies; candy; candy bars; candy coated apples; candy coated popcorn; candy for food; candy mints; candy sprinkles; candy with caramel; candy with cocoa; candy, namely, drages; cannelloni; cannoli; capers; cappuccino; caramel popcorn; caramel topping for ice cream; caramels; carao fruit syrup for use as food; catsup; celery salt; cereal bars; cereal based energy bars; cereal based snack food; cereal-based snack foods; chalupas; cheese flavored puffed corn snacks; cheese flavored snacks, namely, cheese curls; cheese flavored snacks, namely, puffed cheese balls; cheese sauce; cheesecake; cheese-flavored corn snacks; chervil; chewing gum; chewing gum with vitamins; chewing gum, not for medical purposes; chewing gums; chicory and chicory mixtures, all for use as substitutes for coffee; chicory based coffee substitute; chili oil for use as a seasoning or condiment; chili paste for use as a seasoning; chili pods for use as a seasoning; chili powders; chili sauce; chili seasoning; chimichurri sauce; chinese mabo tofu sauce; chinese noodles, uncooked; chocolate; chocolate and chocolates; chocolate bark containing ground coffee beans; chocolate bars; chocolate candies; chocolate chips; chocolate confections; chocolate covered cocoa nibs; chocolate covered cookies; chocolate covered fruit; chocolate covered nuts; chocolate covered popcorn; chocolate covered pretzels; chocolate covered raisins; chocolate covered roasted coffee beans; chocolate fondue; chocolate for confectionery and bread; chocolate for toppings; chocolate mousse; chocolate pastes; chocolate powder; chocolate sauce; chocolate syrup; chocolate topped pretzels; chocolate topping; chocolate truffles; chocolates containing nutrients; chocolate-based beverages with milk; chocolate-based beverages; chocolate-based fillings for cakes and pies; chocolate-based meal replacement bars; chocolate-based ready-to-eat food bars; chocolate-based spread also containing nuts; chocolate-covered potato chips; chow chow; chow mein noodles; churros; chutney; chutneys being a condiment; cinnamon; cinnamon powder being a spice; cinnamon rolls; cinnamon-coated nuts; clove powder being a spice; cloves; coatings for foods made of breading; cocoa; cocoa being roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks; cocoa beverages with milk; cocoa extracts for human consumption; cocoa mixes; cocoa powder; cocoa spreads; cocoa-based beverages; cocoa-based condiments and seasonings for food and drink; cocoa-based ingredient in confectionery products; coconut sugar; coconut-based fruit ice; coffee; coffee being roasted, powdered, granulated, or in drinks; coffee and artificial coffee; coffee and coffee substitutes; coffee based beverages; coffee beans; coffee beverages with milk; coffee capsules containing coffee for brewing; coffee essences; coffee essences for use as substitutes for coffee; coffee extracts; coffee extracts for use as substitutes for coffee; coffee flavored syrup used in making food beverages; coffee pods; coffee substitutes being grain or chicory based; coffee substitutes being artificial coffee or vegetable preparations for use as coffee; coffee-based beverages; coffee-based iced beverages; cole slaw dressing; coleslaw dressing; combination meals consisting primarily of pasta or rice-based entrees and soup or salad for consumption on or off the premises; common salt for cooking; concentrates used in the preparation of flavoring syrups for shaved ice confections; condiment, namely, pepper sauce; cones for ice cream; confectioner's coatings in the nature of edible shellac; coatings for foods; confectioneries, namely, snack foods; confectioneries, namely, chocolate; confectionery chips for baking; confectionery made of sugar; confectionery, namely, pastilles; cooked dish consisting primarily of dough flakes; cooked dish consisting primarily of sliced oval rice cakes; cooked rice; cookie dough; cookie mixes; cookie pies; cookies; cookies and crackers; cooking powder, namely, bacon-flavored seasoning powder; cooking salt; cooking sauces; corn bread; corn cakes containing combinations of cheese ,beans and/or vegetables; corn chips; corn curls; corn fingers; corn flakes; corn flour for food; corn fritters; corn meal; corn starch for food; corn starch based drink, in the nature of a food beverage consisting primarily of maize and porridge; corn starch flour; corn syrup; cornflour; cornmeal; corn-based snack foods; cotton candy; couscous; crackers; cracker and cheese combinations; cracker meal; cream buns; cream of tartar for culinary purposes being food additives for non-industrial use; cream puffs; crme brulee; crme caramel; crepe mixes; crepes; crisp bread; croissants; croutons; crumpets; crushed barley; crushed oats; crystal sugar; crystal sugar pieces; cube sugar; crystallized ginger; cup cakes; curry being a spice mixture; curry pastes; curry powder being a spice; curry sauce; custard; custards; custard-based fillings for cakes and pies; danish; danish pastries; dessert mousse ; dessert puddings; dessert souffls; dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of fruits and vegetables and cheese; dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of pasta and rice; dough-enrobed foods consisting of a dough-based wrapper with fillings consisting primarily of ice cream and other dairy-based desserts; dried corn husks for tamales; dipping sauces; divinity; donuts; dough; doughnuts; dried chili peppers for use as a seasoning; dried chives; dried cooked-rice; dried herbs; dried pasta; dumplings; eccles cakes; clairs; edible cake decorations; edible cupcake liners that bake onto the cupcake itself; edible decorations for cakes; edible flour; edible fruit ices; edible ices; edible salt; edible spices; edible turmeric; edible wafers;; egg barley; egg rolls; egg- and dairy-free mayonnaise; empanada dough; empanadas; enchiladas; energy mints; espresso drinks; extracts used as flavoring; extruded corn snacks; extruded wheat snacks; english muffins; enriched rice, uncooked; espresso; fajitas; farina; farinaceous food pastes for human consumption; fermented hot pepper paste for use as a seasoning; fermented hot pepper paste; fermenting malted rice; filled chocolate; filo; filo dough; filo leaves; flat bread; flavored ices; flavoring syrup; flavorings other than essential oils; flavor enhancers used in food and beverage products; flavored and sweetened gelatins; flavored ice blocks; flavored ices; flavored salt; flavored, sweetened gelatin desserts; flavoring additives for non-nutritional purposes; flavoring syrup; flavorings other than essential oils; flavorings for beverages; flavorings for beverages, other than essential oils; flavorings for tobacco; flavorings for tobacco substitutes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes; flavor-coated popped popcorn; flavoured vinegar; flavourings and seasonings; flavourings for butter; flavourings for cakes other than essential oils; flavourings for cheeses; flavourings for foods; flavourings for soups; flavourings of almond; flavourings of lemons; flavourings not essential oils; flaxseed for human consumption; floating islands; flour; flour for food; flour for making dumplings of glutinous rice; flour-based chips; flour-based gnocchi; fondants being confectionery; frappes; freezable liquid for use in making frozen confections; french toast; fresh fruits cut into flower shapes and at least partially coated with chocolate; fresh pasta; fresh pizza; fried dough cookies; food flavorings being non-essential oils; food flavourings; food leavening agents; food seasonings; food starch; fresh pasta; frosting mixes; frostings; frozen breads; frozen confectionery; frozen confections; frozen confections, namely, freezer pops; frozen confections, namely, ices; frozen confections, namely, freezer bars; frozen cookie dough; frozen cookie, brownie and biscotti dough; frozen custards; frozen flour-free foods, namely, pancakes, crepes, sandwich wraps, muffins and griddle cake sandwiches which are protein-enriched; frozen flour-free foods, namely, waffles, pancakes, crepes, sandwich wraps, muffins and griddle cake sandwiches which are protein-enriched; frozen foods, namely, grain and bread based appetizers, hors d'oeuvres, and canaps; frozen juice bars; frozen pie crusts; frozen soy-based desserts; frozen yoghurt confectionery ices; frozen yogurt; frozen yogurt confections; frozen yogurt mixes; frozen yogurt pies and cakes; fructose for food; fruit breads; fruit cakes; fruit cobblers; fruit coulis; fruit flavourings, except essences; fruit ice; fruit ice bar; fruit ices; fruit jelly candy; fruit paste for flavouring of food; fruit pies; fruit sauces excluding cranberry sauce and applesauce; fruit teas; fruit turnovers; fudge; funnel cakes; fudge; garden herbs, preserved; garlic bread; garlic paste for use as a seasoning; garlic powder; garlic salt; garlic-based sauces; gateaux; gelato; gift baskets containing candy; glazed popcorn; glucose for culinary purposes being food additives for non-industrial use; ginger as a powdered spice; ginger paste for use as a seasoning; gingerbread; gluten additives for culinary purposes; gluten-free bread; gluten-free pasta; golden syrup; graham crackers; grain-based beverages; grain-based chips; grain-based food beverages; grain-based snack foods; grain-based food bars; grain based food bars also containing organic coconut, organic almonds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic figs, organic real raw agave nectar, turmeric, sun-dried sea salt, lemon, ashwagandha, and/or shilajit; granola; granola snacks; granola-based snack bars; ready to eat, cereal-derived food bars; granulated sugar; grass-based food beverages; green coffee; ground coffee beans; grilling sauces; grits; gum paste being a confectionery; gum sweets; gummy candies; half-moon-shaped cake of rice containing sweet or semi-sweet fillings; halva; halvah; herb salt; herbal flavourings for making beverages; herbal food beverages; herbal infusions; high-protein cereal bars; honey; honey for food; honey and treacle; honey buns; honey substitutes; hop extracts used as flavoring for foods and beverages; hot chocolate; horseradish; hot chili pepper sauce; hot pepper powder; hot sauce; husked barley; husked oats; husked rice; ice; ice cream; ice cream desserts; ice cream drinks; ice cream floats; ice cream mixes; ice cream powder; ice cream sandwiches; ice cream substitute; ice creams; ice milk; ice milk bars; iced cakes; iced coffee; ices and ice creams; ice-cream; ice-cream cakes; icing; icing mixes; icing sugar; instant chinese noodles; instant coffee; instant dessert puddings; instant doughnut mixes; instant noodles; instant pancake mixes; instant pudding mixes; instant soba noodles; instant spice blends; instant udon noodles; inulin for use as a food starch; italian ice; jam buns; japanese arrowroot powder; japanese horseradish powder spice; japanese pepper powder spice; japanese style steamed cakes; jerk sauce; kasha; ketchup; kettle corn being popcorn; kimchi pancakes; kits comprised of ingredients for preparing pizza; kits comprised of ingredients for making ice cream; knishes; kolaches; korean traditional pressed sweets; korean-style dried seaweed rolls containing cooked rice; korean-style dumplings; lasagna; licorice; linseed for human consumption; liquorice; lo mein; lollipops; low-salt bread; macaroni, uncooked; macaroni and cheese; macaroni salad; macarons; macaroons; macaroons; madeleines; maize flakes; maize gluten feed, namely, maize gluten and corn gluten all for human consumption; maize gluten meal; maize-based pudding dessert; maizitos comprised primarily of corn that is topped with cheese or chicken; malt biscuits; malt for food purposes; maltose for food; maple syrup; marinades; mandlen; marinade mixes; marshmallow; marshmallow squares; marshmallow topping; marshmallows; marzipan; marzipan substitutes; masala powder and spices; masala rice; matzo; matzo balls; mayonnaise; milk chocolate; minced garlic; mineral salt for human consumption; miso bean paste; mix for making combined noodle and sauce dish; mixes for bakery goods; mixes for bakery goods containing cornmeal; mixes for candy making; mixes for making batters for fried foods; mixes for making batter for hushpuppies; mixes for making breading; mixes for making matzo balls; mixes of sweet adzuki-bean jelly; mixtures of coffee and chicory; molasses; molasses syrup; monosodium glutamate used as a flavor enhancer for food; moon cakes; muesli; muesli bars; muffin mixes; muffins; multigrain-based snack foods; mung bean pancakes; mustard; mustard powder for spice; nachos; natural brown sugar; natural sweetener; nonpareils; non-dairy frozen confections; non-medicated lozenges; noodles; noodles and sauce mixes combined in unitary packages; noodles and seasoning mixes combined in unitary packages; noodles, sauce, and processed vegetables combined in unitary packages; noodles, sauce, and seasoning toppings combined in unitary packages; noodles, sauce, and topping combined in unitary packages; noodles, sauce, dehydrated vegetables, and topping combined in unitary packages; noodles, seasonings, edible oil, and flavorings combined in unitary packages; noodles, seasonings, edible oil, and dehydrated vegetables combined in unitary packages; noodle-based prepared meals; nougat; nutmeg; oat flakes; oatmeal; onion salt; organic curry sauces; orzo; palm sugar; pancake mixes; pancake syrup; pancakes; panini; parfaits; pasta; pasta and noodles; pasta for soups; pasta salad; pasta sauce; pasta shells; pastries; pastries with fruit; pastries, namely, pasties; pastry; pastry cream; pastry dough; pastry mixes; pastry shells; pastry shells for monaka; peanut brittle; peanut butter confectionery chips; pearl barley ; pearled barley; pecan logs; pellet-shaped rice crackers; pepper being a spice; pepper powder being a spice; pepper spice; peppermint candy; peppermint for confectionery; peppermint sweets pesto; pesto sauce; phyllo dough; pickle relish; pickled ginger as a condiment; pie crusts; pierogies; pies; pilaf; pimiento used as a condiment; pita; pita bread; pita chips; pizza; pizza cheese sticks; pizza crust; pizza crust mixes; pizza dough; pizza sauce; pizzas, prepared; plum-cakes; polenta; popcorn; pot pies; potato flour for food; pounded wheat; powdered garlic; powdered sugar; prepared cocoa and cocoa-based beverages; prepared coffee and coffee-based beverages; prepared horseradish; prepared pasta; prepared wasabi; preserved garden herbs as seasonings; preserved ginger; processed bran; processed cacao; processed bran; processed cacao; processed cereals; processed cereal-based food to be used as a breakfast food, snack food or ingredient for making other foods; processed corn; processed garlic for use as seasoning; processed ginseng used as an herb, spice or flavoring; processed grains; processed grains, namely, rye; processed herbes de provence; processed herbs; processed oats; processed quinoa; processed semolina; processed shallots for use as seasoning; processed sorghum; processed unpopped popcorn; processed wheat; processed, frozen, cooked or packaged whole grains; puddings being dessert puddings; puddings for use as desserts; puffed corn snacks; puffed rice; pulse flour for food; pumpkin porridge; quiche; ravioli; ravioli, prepared; ready to eat, cereal derived food bars; ready-made sauces; ready-to-eat cereals; red pepper powder; relish; rice; rice cakes; rice crackers; rice flour; rice noodles; rice pudding ; rice salad; rice starch flour; rice, seasonings, and flavorings combined in unitary packages; rice-based pudding dessert; rice-based pudding dessert; rice-based snack foods; risotto; roasted and ground sesame seeds; roasted coffee beans; roasted corn; roasted maize; rolled oats; rolled oats and wheat; rolls being bread; royal jelly for food purposes; rugelach; saffron for use as a food seasoning; sage; salad dressing; salad dressings; salsa; salt; salt crackers; samosas; sandwiches; sauce mixes; sauces; scented water for flavoring beverages; scones; sea salt for cooking; sea water for cooking; seasoned rice cakes with vegetable toppings; seasoning mixes; seasoning mixes for soups; seasoning pastes; seasonings; seaweed for use as a condiment; sesame sticks; sherbet; sherbet mixes; sherbets being sorbets; snack cakes; snack food chews made primarily from brown rice syrup; soft pin-rolled cakes of pounded rice being gyuhi; soft pretzels; sorbet; sorbets; soy bean paste; soy sauce; soya bean paste for a condiment; soya flour; soybean molasses; soy-based ice cream substitute; spaghetti; spaghetti, uncooked; spaghetti sauce; spanakopita, namely, spinach and feta pie in phyllo dough; spices; organic spices; processed herbs; organic processed herbs; raw oleoresins; spice blends; spice rubs; spices and ice; spices for the flavoring of pumpkin seeds; sponge cakes; spread containing chocolate and nuts; spreads consisting of emulsified biscuits or cookies; spring rolls; stabilized rice bran; starch for use in manufacturing food; starch syrup for food; steamed rice; steel cut oats; sugar; sugar substitutes; sugared nuts; sugarfree chewing gum; sugarfree sweets; sugarless candies; sugarless chewing gum; sugarless sweets; sugar-coated almonds; sugar-coated coffee beans; sugar-coated hard caramels; sugar-free chewing gum; sweet potato starch for food; sweet pounded rice cakes; sweet rice with nuts; sweetened yogurt covered raisins; sweets being candy; synthetic sugarcane made from corn for food purposes; tabbouleh; tabbouli; table salt; table salt mixed with sesame seeds; table syrup; tabouleh; tabouli; taco chips; taco seasoning; taco shells; tacos; taffy; tamales; tapioca; tapioca flour for food; taralli; tarts; teff flour; toffee; toffees; tomato sauce; turmeric; unleavened bread in thin sheets; unroasted coffee; vanilla; vanilla beans; vanilla flavorings; vegetable concentrates used for seasoning; veggie burger sandwiches; vermicelli; vinegar; vegan cakes; vegan cheesecake; vegan cookies; vegan cup cakes; vegan pies; wafer doughs; wafers; wheat flour for food; wheat germ for human consumption; wheat starch flour; wheat-based snack foods; white sugar; wholemeal bread; wholemeal rice; yeast; yeast extracts; yeast extracts for food; yeast extracts for human consumption; yeast for brewing and distilling; yeast for use as an ingredient in foods; yeast in pill form, not for medical use; yeast powder; yeast, baking powder; yeast, baking powder and flavourings; yogurt-covered fruit for confectionery; yogurt-covered nuts for confectionery; yogurt-covered pretzels for confectionery

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